P&G In The Making: We Filmed What a P&G Product Sees on its Way to You

#InTheMaking Series Gives First-of-its-Kind Glimpse of a P&G Product’s Actual Journey to Market

At P&G, we love improving everyday life. But what gets us up in the morning is everything it takes to get there.

Bringing our brands to life, and to market, could be described as a million tiny miracles in the making. Each product’s intricate passage from the lab, to the production line, to your everyday routine, is a sophisticated yet surprisingly beautiful thing to behold.

It’s a visually-rich journey where some of the world’s brightest minds, purest ingredients, and finely-tuned movements all culminate the moment our brands touch your skin, your teeth, your hair, or your favorite shirt.

That’s why we’re excited to share the first two installments of a new short film series entitled #InTheMaking, a first-person point-of-view thrill ride following a P&G product’s journey from the manufacturing plant, to the store, and all the way home.

You can ride the lines at our Fabric Care plant in Lima, OH, where 1,000 P&G people proudly come to work every day to make brands such as Tide, Gain and Downy.

Or sit under the magnifying glass at our World Shaving Headquarters in Boston, MA, the birthplace of Gillette blades since 1904.

Using durable GoPro cameras, a generous supply of gaffer’s tape, and some rather unorthodox rigging methods, we’ve made it possible for you to have a front-row seat to experience the innovation, sophistication, orchestration, and attention to detail that goes into every P&G product you buy online, or at the store—and by doing so, gain a deeper appreciation and affinity for that P&G product than you ever had before.

So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy these and more forthcoming video stories of P&G Brands #InTheMaking. And make sure to share them with your social networks!